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Bongani Zulu

********2020********* 28/03: In Town Festival - JHB 28/03: Love Music Festival - PTA 22/02: H.O.T On Top: Rooftop Oasis - JHB 02/02: Panorama Sundays - JHB 01/02: JYNX - JHB 23/01: Whyly - PTA 16/01: Whyly - PTA 09/01: JYNX - JHB “Curator of constant, deep and elegant dance grooves with a suave atmosphere.” That is how Bongani Zulu takes on his music and describes his style of play. Always looking to convey an introspection, his selection is the outlet of his true feelings and thoughts. Growing up within a musical household that comprised of his father’s eclectic collection of RnB and Soul, instrumental funk and jazz and synth-laden 80’s pop, he took these seeds of inspiration with his own love of House music and video-game music and ended up with a wide spectrum of musical influence. Today, these are the jewels of wisdom that make up the sounds of his music: syncopated percussion, brooding chords, rhythmic basslines all with suave synth work Info & Bookings: [email protected]

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