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Stevey Grooves

Music is the soundtrack to life Steve's influencers started off with his parents listening to Classical & Jazz, Then at an early age he found the Barry Jenkins all-nighter shows on 1ZM with "Dr Rock"and was hooked on Radio with Pictures Sunday night shows on the TV. Steve joined a Blues/Rock band after he left school which toured the North Island. DJ Stinky Jim & his shows Stinky Grooves and Tranquility Bass on BFM are essential listening Steve happened to have a flatmate from the UK, Neil, and inherited his precious vinyl, some Suburban Base, Reinforced & white labels! Steve was hooked on the Hardcore/Rave sound and what it turned into, Drum and Bass and House with good mates like DJ Sye Oakley, Tim, Geezer Guy, Warrick Jones and Jared Jackson. The Stevey Grooves show is a window into what Steve wants to hear today, which tunes have lasted the distance and deserve to be listened to again and

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