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B O B O dj BG

Bobo, a moniker of Borislav Latinov, starts to be involved in music since 1993. His carrier started at the well known club ANACONDA. Through the years he played different styles of music, popular for its time, until he fell in love with the electronic dance music in the late 90-ies. Bobo went thru some genres like minimal and techno till he find his style – progressive house with electro and some other electronic influences. He still perform this in its contemporary version. Bobo had performed gigs at the best dance clubs in the Bulgaria like: Che Guevarra, Marrakesh, Underground, Elephant, Bijou, Base, Bizzare, Mania, Mood, Cielo, Sinners, Plazma Light, Planet, Arro Dance … He was booked thru the years and very recently also in the neighbour countries and the Netherlands. Ha had the pleasure to play together with worldwide known artists like Wally Lopez, Pablo Ceballos, Dimas aka D-Formation, Nick Waren, Dubfire / Deep Dish and many others.

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