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Bobby Busnach

Dj, remix/editor. was the last dj at hippopotamus, dj'd at cachaca, harrah and the big basket in san francisco, worked at downstairs records, rock & soul, idrc record pool, dance music report. friend of benji, yvonne, walter gibbons, keith dumpson, kenny carpenter, stephanie shepherd, junior vasquez, and many more in new york in the 70s. mixed and booted the original fusion beats and eddie kendricks - girl you need a change of mind, both released with downstairs records. started editing (cut and splice on reel to reel) and mixing these remixes here in 1979 (fusion beats was done with 3 turntables and a cassette deck with a pause button). they were packed away in box for 30 years until september 2011 when i started transferring them from tape to cd .... in october 2011 i started mixing again after 32 years. enjoy.

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