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Bloodwing hails from the depths of the Underworld, where dark caverns are filled with petrified crystal forests. Witch-queen of the faerie folk, and with the blood of an ancient lineage, she plays the hypnotic sounds of goa music. Her legendary song-spells kindle the magick of the forest and release the sacred spirits of our ancestors. Her first dose of the Goa-Psychedelic was with scraps of music she found on the internet. When the music found her soul, she passionately learned the art of DJing and began to mix on WKNC 88.1 FM as a regular guest. Her intricate mixing weaves together a mosaic of sounds that create an imaginative space. She selects the finest of the Old School and brings them back into the light. Bloodwing co-directed the Goa-Psy Trance Channel (and more) on Digitally Imported Radio ( from 2008-2016 and is a former member of Sanguine Mandragoa and The Lotus Eaters. She is always prepared to give a serious Goa mindswirl to all who dare listen.

Recent Mixes