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Black Coffee 'IBiZA' Sounds

Over the last two decades, DJ and producer Black Coffee has fully established his presence as one of the most prominent names in electronic music and has continuously shatters boundaries across the board! In just a matter of years, Black Coffee has become one of the top touring performers in the world, maiadding residencies in global dance music hot-spots such as Ibiza, Mykonos and Las Vegas on top of stops a gruelling yet impressive tour schedule of over 150 shows per year. Since his early years he has stood out for his deep-rooted knowledge of the music and natural ability to blend house with soul, alternative African percussions, organic sounding electronics, jazz elements and vocals. The music of Africa, in all its wide-spanning and complex history, finds its roots in drums. Keeping this in mind, itโ€™s no surprise that percussion drives the South African artist's sound, a distinctly metropolitan techno with heavy traditional influences dubbed by some as โ€œAfropolitan house.โ€

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