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The Man From Ultra

Extreme noise, drones and tones. Check out my jams here. You can also listen to some shorter tracks on my Soundcloud page For bookings contact me via email via Facebook (themanfromultra(at)gmail(dot)com) ( Releases: August 2011 - Not Just an Object (Bandcamp) October 2011 - Contact Compilation 1 (1 track on compilation) October 2011 - HF Frequency Spectrum (Split with Koobaatoo Asparagus) November 2011 - Contact Compilation 2 (1 track on compilation) November 2011 - I dream of A Drives and Wake to Floppys (Black Circle Records) (Split with Elizabeth Veldon) January 2012 - The Man From Ultra Live (_ULTRA yonic presents) April 2012 - Numbers (Black Circle Records) (Split with Elizabeth Veldon) August 2012 - Wizards Are Fivers (Cassette & Digital) (Bandcamp) January 2013 - Inside The Mind of Ultra (Digital) (Black Circle Records)

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