Bitchslap x Dust Masta Hiss - Journey To The Shore

by: bitchslapmag

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Artwork by Zarina Linddahl


Teruo Nakamura - morning mist

Sunrise Ltd. our love will grow

Intimate strangers - The track

Frank Hatchett - for the lover in you

Brief Encounter - Here we go again

KPM - Fashion international (A)

Kaori momoi - heart broke love

Yumi matsutoya - we're all free

Jimmy Ponder - love me right

Kpm - Think Twice

Wasatch - Instrumental

Cloud one - dust to dust

Les Hooper - lady of the night

Time cycle - pin head

Mai Yamane - Wave (do it again)

Al Hudson - Lost inside of you

Kpm - Fashion internation (e)

Electric city - what's up

Angelillo et Hamel - Je veuw te dire une chanson

Knef - 88 Stockwerk

Time cycle - feel like making love

September - ostavi trag

Ron Forella - Crystals

Disco for kids - the shuttle

Azymuth - last summer in rio

Figyelem Felvetel - Devils temptation

Walt Barr - A mystery to me

Lonnie Liston Smith - Summer nights