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In 2005, he began studying music ( dnb, jungle music)redline ( biohazard_crew,Bass Kick,Attic Bass ) redline aka Ilja Korolevitch started his combat career in 2005. Two brothers of arms founded Biohazard_crew, supported artists, promoted events and conveyed Big names to Estonia. Unfortunately one of the brothers in 2010 left the project. Maksim Korolevitch ( HARDTECHNO ) After 9 years in 2019, a new member appeared in Biohazard_crew. Assisted events : Therapy Session, Bass Kick, Breakstep, Subterminal, Shelter 175 and others.. 🚑 During his artist career, junglist soldier shared battlefield along with honored subjects of war : The Clamps, Tr Tactics, Shadow Sect, Robyn Chaos, Absurd, Tobax, Cooh, Mizo, Muffler, Mean Teeth, NickBee, Agressor Bunx, Guncher and Ruin, Hell Kitchen, 2Whales , Hamsta Prepare your Shields to hold heavy Machine gun rounds to the Dance floor location❗

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