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Chris Roberts (billyrave)

Hi all, I'm not really a DJ, I like to play occasionally with my controller and 1200's I cant control . . . I really only started getting back into music about 2011 as mid life crisis started to kick in, and I stumbled across (OSA) quite accidentally on a speckled hen fuelled mission after listening to some mix tapes, and my reactivate collection. Since then I've bought some decks, some vinyl, some more vinyl, a pioneer SZ, and a dust cover. Ive attempted to play out a couple of times, but realised I'm much better at organising little get togethers and letting everyone else do their thang A big fan of playing early EBM, New Beat, it's evolution into early European techno, and then the early trance tracks, but I'll have a go at anything, even italo For my sins, I help to manage the day to day shennanigans on OSA My mixes are generally for my own amusement and nostalgic benefit, but if you join me on the journey - then welcome :D, and I hope you enjoy - peace.

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