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Basha is a versatile DJ/Producer from Buffalo, NY who's been recognized as one of the areas hardest working/most in demand since 2005. In 2013 he moved into producing, and now has original tracks out on labels Sumting New, Gradient Audio, Sure State & most recently Feral Sound. As a music lover with a wide range, he delivers a hybrid style of Bass Music/EDM. Basha is also 1/2 of Basha & Waldman and runs the notable, Frosty Tone. Rob has idolized music since he can remember. He learned some piano as a kid and started a band in late grammar school, playing some guitar & bass, but mainly vocals. He found electronic music in '98 through internet and CDs, picked up on a bunch of genres, not long after bought decks and collected over 1000 Jungle/DNB, Hip Hop & Dubstep records before CDJs took the stage.

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