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Bianco Vargas

* * @biancovargas * * * Bookings / Management:[email protected] Bianco Vargas is a constant presence in Santa Catarina's nightlife, born in the city of Porto Alegre and based in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, in his presentations he imprinted a cadence between organic and progressive music with vibrant timbres, creating an energetic atmosphere as it incorporates sound elements that lead to a reflection of the experience that it's the dance floor. Besides being the only dj formed by AIMEC to perform at Warung Beach Club and one of the only djs with Daniel Kuhnen to play with the Symphonic Orchestra of Florianópolis, Camerata. At Warung School, he was highlighted with his set in second place in Ricardo Albuquerque's masterclass among hundreds of students and a track released by Warung Rec at Drunky Daniels' VA.

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