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Start spinning at year 2000,he loved at dance music when junior high collected dance album,then learn Dj at IDJS dj school. First year 2001 he joined band KOMA in bogor in position Scrathing and progaming for 3 years,but his soul not for the band. In the end year 2004 meet Dj.Alvin and Dj.Roy make theirs love in dance scene and introduce dance music in Bogor, build Extraordinary spinners(Xspinn) management and party promotors.At the year 2007 he as joneid another Best label in Jakarta/Indonesia "Electrosoul" with Blanco,Debon,Fadlie,Bimzkee,Andre Uchil,Six,Nofty,Adi Bulz,Noid and Yap in Visual Jockey.

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