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Beroshima / Frank Muller

Frank Mueller a.k.a Beroshima has been a Pioneer of electronic music since the mid 1990's. His musical passion was ignited at the age of 13, when he created his first DJ set. Shortly after Frank played many early gigs in west Germany’s new wave scene. With the collapse of the Berlin wall he moved from Holland to Berlin, the „CPU“ of Techno. 2 Years later Beroshima was formed and later joined by Ulrich Schnauss in 1996. Beroshima started with a cutting edge acid flavored electronic sound and has constantly evolved as one of the finest acts in live techno. His other main imprint Mueller records was started in 1996 providing a platform for old and fresh protagonists of electric music. Frank has dropped uncountable floor hits like "Deebeefunky" "We who are oppressed or Cocoon's bestseller "horizon " that became an anthem for the scene in ibiza. Franks new label MAD MUSICIAN will present his own productions. Franks unique DJsets covers Deep House, Detroit and Electronica.

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