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All mixes are done with vinyl straight from the decks with no digital touch ups. Djing since 96 mainly underground warehouse events & bars but also radio, clubs, snowboard comps, restaurants, boats & beach parties. I was a regular Dj at the Globe in Sydney circa 99/2000, considered one of the top clubs in Sydney at the time. I ran a 3 hour late night radio show called 'Green Decks & Ham' on 2SER in 2000. Have lived in London, Austria, New Zealand, California & Berlin since 2004. I put on a couple of old skool Jungle events called, 'Stepback' in Sydney and while living in Melbourne 2012-17 I ran a monthly deep house and minimal event called Vanilla Bambi at Killing Time. ONLY PLAY VINYL & still buy it if I think it will stand the test of time. For bookings just get in touch ;-)

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