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Benoist Grenier

DJ / Anthropology / Music Curator / Investigator / Entertainer / Transmitter. Benoist approach is about spreading a certain idea of music in many genders, further to comercial roads. It's a focus on cultural traditions, dances, rituals, folklores and funk from our Planet. Specialist when it come to Brazilian, African & Eastern vintage music. After a big work of investigation and digging behind worldwide to bring these treasures, the most exiting thing for him is about playing this music to an audience and create musical experiences. Played in Clubs, Festivals & Off parties around the globe since end 1990's : France , England, Brasil, India, USA, Spain,Russia,... He also create Soundtracks. On this Profile are showcased some DJ sets, Musical Journeys, Test Tapes and SoundTracks. For Bookings & Contacts, go inbox . [email protected]

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