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Benny Camaro

With over 10 years of DJ experience behind him, Benny Camaro is announcing a new project by the name of ‘Crack It Out’, which will hit the shelves on the 18th of May, 2015. Aiming at continuing his long, consistent run of successful productions Benny Moschini, now known as Benny Camaro has put all of his efforts into this single to build upon what he’s achieved with projects like: ‘I Wanna Give You’, ‘Big Bass’, ‘Come On’, ‘Knockout’, ‘Everybody’ and ‘Black Stars’ amongst others. Hailing from the southern Italian city of Naples, Benny Camaro’s inspirations dabble into House, Electro House, Progressive House and Deep House, but also seek influences from Soul, Funk, Afro-American Music and Rock. He has been in pursuit of diverse sounds from all around the globe which he’s transpired into experimental projects like ‘Rabbia’. His original style and unique creations have landed him deals with top labels including the likes of: Jango Music, Casa Rossa, IRMA Records, Kluster Rec

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