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BBB - Ben Brophy

I simply like to support good music and good people. I love music with soul & depth in many shapes, forms & guises - it's been central to my life: always. And I'm grateful to all the producers, promoters, dj's, selectors, dancers and artists who've contributed to my experiences around the world over the years. Have owned record shops, produced music, published books, promoted events, worked alongside some of the best and nicest in the biz, been honored to play at Southport Weekender & Suncebeat, been to 100's of gigs blah blah blah. All of that's not so important though. It's simply about sharing music and connecting with like minded music lovers. The selections on here are only a small part of what I actually listen to, predominantly representing the deeper house side, but hope there's something here you enjoy. Thanks for stopping by. With gratitude & respect - always. Ben Join us at Suncebeat in Croatia - Send promos, music or get in touch at [email protected]

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