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Ben Drayton

Est. 27/4/1986. Deep House/Techno/Disco/Dub + more DJ'd and co-promoted at Bad Dog, Velvet Hammer, Lovecult 2000, Knob, Buzz, Steve & Ben's Class Act, Non-Scene, GayLick Club DJ'd at Subsonic, House Of Mince, Kooky, The Bearded Tit, Cocktail D'Amore (Berlin), Buttons (Berlin), Fantastic Party (Melbourne), Undead, Jamie & Vanessa, X-Demente '99 (Rio De Janeiro), Happy (Singapore 2004), Motorik, Phoenix, Loose Ends, Sweat Box, R.A.T. parties, Big Day Out, Mardi Gras, Sleaze Ball, Tropical Fruits, Jamison St, Trough, Headquarters See my facebook profile for upcoming events:

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