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Yamin Bene

Yamin Bene, also known as MC Ben (Beniamin Copoiu) is a known enternainer based in Romania, who started out from managing small clubs and venues to mastering ceremonies at a regular basis for over 12 years.(...) Throughout the years MC Ben landed gigs with some of the most known DJ's in Romania at select clubs where he established 2 of he's most well known party concepts."#TheTrueSoundOfLove" and "#MixedFeelings", the latter being a part of he's musical productions. In 2018 he adopted he's DJ name Yamin Deejay , later on changing it to Yamin Bene resembling he's real name. Beniamin. Yamin Bene's musical genres include deep house, melodic progressive house, tech house, afro house and olso deep afro house. He shared production opinions and sounds with Dani Zavera, Thiann, Katziin. He creates he's tracks like melodic messages sent to a long distant memory, one that start's with the letter "O", where all he's tracks and sets start with the letter "O" (ex.Ounaka,Opulence,etc)

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