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Bellegance & Fraser

Hello :) We are Bellegance and Fraser. We have been co-playing together since november 2018. We are not just a DJ duo in the music industry, but a happy couple in real life too. In the last few years we had organized many parties and festivals, where we wanted to show others our harmony and love, which coming from our relationship. That kind of feeling is breaking through our music sessions the most, where next to Fraser's challenging and experimental energies connected Bellegance's dreamer and intuitive side. Fraser has been in the hungarian electronic scene since it was estabilished and he also performed as a DJ and musician in many festivals and underground parties. We are playing vinyl sets, with the style of ethno, desert tech, tribal, slow-deep-tech-house and much more from 90bpm-126bpm, including the old treasures up to the new releases. Thanks to our lovely followers and the people, who appriciate the sound of good old vinyls, we can spread our music on festivals like

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