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BEATSVILLE is a weekly radio show exploring music's sublime heights, dark unplumbed depths, and everything in-betwixt. There has been too much emphasis on small things while the great truths have been overlooked. And vice versa. We will explore both ends of the spectrum, as we find much to delight us while voyaging or plunging beyond the pale. Also in staying firmly in the middle of things. Therefore the superficial will never be dispensed with. It is not our purpose to supply a few pseudo-intellectual musicians and critics with more food for brilliant argumentation, but rather to inspire all of our listeners with hope and anticipation. This may appear to be sentimental and impossible to some, but it must be remembered that Beethoven, Stravinsky or Roky Erickson would not consider it either sentimental or impossible. In fact, the worthiest creative art has been motivated consciously or unconsciously by the desire for the regeneration of mankind. And other stuff, too.

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