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Less than a year ago, at age 47, a decade after I lost a substantional part of my hearing, I did my first ever try to learn how to dj. At age 47, partly deaf, I had til then never even in my wildest imagination even thought about it. Which is kind of odd in hindsight I admit. Music has always been a part of me all my life, but I don’t play any instruments, nor do I sing, yet still, music has always been such a big part of me. Until last year, I had never though I could be able to express myself through music, apart for sharing wide and far, a lot of spotify and youtube playlists. The thought to dj, had never ever occured to me. Until a dear friend who dj:s asked me ; -May I teach you how to dj? Bam! It hit me like a rocket from the sky!! in the most beautiful way! And yes! yesyesyes! Of course!! Of course I should learn how to dj! Why not?!? So he did. He did show me Traktor. And from then on, through trials and errors, I have kept learning and one day I may be able to PLAY :)

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