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Gongs of Every Power (RIAFC 032)

Radio is a Foreign Country June 1, 2020

Hypnotic (and historic) gong records from the mountains of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Kalimantan, and the Philippines. You’ll hear amazing gong orchestras among a number of ethnic minorities, including the Jorai and other Montagnard groups, Kenyah, Modang, and Badjao, recorded by Georges Condominas, Jacques Dournes, Jose Maceda, Patrick Kersale, David Blair […]

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Thai-Khmer Border Music (RIAFC 028)

Radio is a Foreign Country June 1, 2020

A 60-minute mix of kantruem (modern and traditional), bilingual luk thung/molam, pop/rock and sound-truck music put together by Peter Doolan, the man behind the magnificent Monrakplengthai cassette blog. https:// monrakplengthai.blogspot. com/.