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KsK Live @ Chairman 20151213

Avant Garde KsK June 4, 2020

KsK live at “TheChairmanLive” in Durban; dropping some of his serendipitously discovered melancholic sounds of the Blues. The ChairmanLive is a world class jazz bar that definitely aligns with the Avant Garde Troupe ideals of breaking boundaries and sharing galactic sounds independent of the mainstream media’s tastes. Regards KsK

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2014-02 KsK live @ Avant Garde

Avant Garde KsK June 4, 2020

Artist: KsK Date: 2014-02-14 Time: 20:01:23->21:02:45 Description: KsK live @ Avant Garde Vintage Lounge, dropping the likes off; Gill Scott Heron, Wuu tang Clan, Bahamadia, Q-tip and Kev Brown. Regards KsK