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Achilleas Chaldaiakis

Achilleas G. Chaldaeakes: Professor of Byzantine Musicology and Psaltic Art at the Department of Music Studies of the NKUA. He teaches at both undergraduate and graduate-level at the NKUA, but also at other Greek Universities and Institutes. His published scientific work comprises more than 200 studies (monographs, articles, entries in encyclopedias, papers in conferences, essays in various collective volumes and scientific reviews, etc.), mostly on various subjects (theoretical, historical, aesthetical, etc.) pertaining to the field of Byzantine Music. His whole activity as an internationally recognized musician in his twofold quality, both as a scientific researcher and University professor and as an artist, composer, interpreter, and director of musical ensembles, explores new paths toward a global, multifaceted and innovative, approach to Byzantine Musicology and Psaltic Art.

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