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After the death of Harris Glenn Milstead in 1988, combatants have been fiercely battling for the title of Filthiest Person Alive. Talentless loser Eric Shorey AKA accident report has been a strong contender since day one. With his troupe of sick nurses (the warm leatherettes), accident report has been spotted kidnapping victims of car crashes before the ambulances arrive, burning piles of Forest Gump DVDs, reenacting scenes from Salo in public libraries, and having sex with Barack Obama and Sharon Needles in the same night. In his spare time, he mixes ear-bleedingly obnoxious dance music. Sounds like: Diplo with radical queer undertones; Britney Spears vomiting blood; Daft Punk at a drag ball; Peaches if she sold out; Paris Hilton if she were less artistic

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