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AC Trixta

Like the name suggests, AC Trixta sail’s through his sets with trickery and FX. With 35 years experience as a DJ, Producer and Promoter, AC Trixta has played across the globe, in places such as USA, Japan, Australia, Dubai, Thailand and India. Collecting vinyl from 8 years of age, Trixta started DJ’ing at 15 playing Hip Hop and Acid House in the late 80’s, Rave and Hardcore in the early 90’s, then House, Progressive House and Trance by the mid 90’s. Nowadays, Trixta plays multi-genres including Com-Dance, Tech-House, Breaks, Drum N Bass and Party Mash-Ups. Trixta’s broad knowledge of music and DJ versatility has garnished him warm-up spots playing Ska music for Bad Manners and Soul/Funk for Craig Charles. Trixta is known for his 6 turntable mixing technique “CUBISM” which earned him a Guiness World Record in 2002 (featured in the 2006 Book). A ground breaking 5:1 Surround sound DVD of the perform

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