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Born and raised in Pontianak, West Borneo of Indonesia. Aben Raditya started his career as a DJ since June 2009. At the beginning of his lessons at 1945MF DJ school, DJ Echa 1945MF was his main instructor. Aben’s style is truly unique, pumping house is his staple theme. However, he takes inspiration from anything Electro, B’more, Progressive, Tech-House to slightly tougher beats and gets people moving and grooving. From natural love of house music and all things funky then took step ahead to further his skills with kills, filter, flangers, echo, roll to produce a distinctly unique sound. Ambition, motivation and drive have seen his name change from regular clubber then coming to be a professional DJ. Next on his agenda is his success within the dance music scene that has now taken profound and successful production.

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