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The Big Medley

Leave us a comment about what artist you'd like to see bigmedley-rized. ___ "The Big Medley" is a project. The concept is to mix songs all by a single band, and taken from the entire discography of that band, so to have an anthological audio track of 1:30/2 hours. The sequence of songs is organized to best reflect the spirit of the band. Usually where possible, a "bonus" track not present in any official albums is added to the medley's tracklist (it can be a b-side song, or a remix, or whatever). The whole operation is thought, made and aimed at long-standing fans, but at the same time is ideal for people who have never listened to these artists and want to give a try. ___ Classified 44th in the top-100 list for the best cloudcasters of 2011:

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