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Hi guys and welome . I love most types of music and try to reflect them into my mixes, from Melbourne Bounce to New Wave Romantic, Classical to Electro, Hii NRG Euro to Techno, Commercial Pop to Deep House, youll even find Rock & Roll and Country blended in for good measures. A lot of the music I use are personal favourites of mine and a lot of bootlegs. I will add the majority of remixes used in my playlists are not owned by me but simply used for entertainment factor. I List all artists and DJs that have produced the remixes on the tracklist and I give them all thanks for their contributions. If any of the artists or DJs have a copywrite issue please notify me on [email protected] and I'll organize removal of the content. I hope not though as I have put a lot of passion into each DJ set. Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy my playlists as much as I've enjoyed producing them for you. Please dont be shy and give me feedback, positive or negative if you like.

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