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Maitreya project combines contemporary dynamic rhythms, ethnic instruments, and enchanting mantras performed by both female and male vocalists. Instruments include Jew’s harps, sitars, guitars, flutes, steel tongue drums, Tibetan singing bowls, taals, and tanpuras. Mantras represent a wide range of schools and teachings including Buddhism, Shivaism, Sikhism, and Hinduism. The concept of the project is to unite all the world’s creeds and fill the listeners with mystical vibrations. Music is the religion without any words after all. Album title is “Avatar Kalki”. The ancient writings tell us that during each aeon the Earth is visited by an avatar (a superhuman being, a God in the flesh) whose goal is to elevate humanity, help it evolve. Per some ancient treatises, we are living during the Kali Yuga and, therefore, the current avatar is called Avatar Kalki, also named Maitreya. All contemporary religions depict the coming of a Messiah in one way or another since the hope of divine de

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