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He is a 25-year-old Pharaoh, a techno DJ and Producer who comes from a small town not far from the city of Osijek. His love and desire for adventure in the world of electronic music was born back in 2010. Not long after, he starts mixing. Hence the desire was to infiltrate the scene. He found himself in the techno genre, and he liked Berlin techno the most. At the very beginning of 2020, he founded his own project called Cellular Music. Celullar is becoming a serious group and is recording frequent performances with many visitors. Realizing his insatiable desire for progress, the already existing, built-in names on stage give him a chance and share a counter with them. He performed at events: First Official Cellular - Dubioza, Club EXIT Osijek, Orahovica. In the middle of 2020, he will start producing. In addition to his love of sound, he dedicated his devotion to computers. Diagnosis, troubleshooting and maintenance: computers and DJ equipment. He is the owner of the Digital Marketing

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