ABOUT: The Turbologism podcast-radio broadcast delivers quality and challenging music, towards the turbological excess. Specifically mixes and live-sets comprising experimental hardcore & speedcore, concrete breakcore, different shapes of techno, techstep, noise, “turbotronica” and everything relevant in between & behind. Each episode has a theme or reason behind our choice of invited artists, adding pieces to a bigger picture, the sonic map, that is the “Turbological” sound. Which is basically music and attitudes we like, a mixture of all good music, old and new (authentic, interesting, forward thinking, standing the time, etc. pp.). The sets are either produced, mixed, selected, showcased by companions, fellow musicians and friends, people that we respect and support, or occasionally contributed by us, the presenters & curators CRi & ZFE. Broadcasted by HardSoundRadio-HSR. (www.hardersound.net). https://soundcloud.com/turbologism

Recent Mixes