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Dj Mr Lob

Purveyor of fine music, good beats and excellent musical treats. I have been active on the Melbourne Dj scene since 1999. Some of the highlights of my Dj career so far are being placed #5 in the world for the ‘Most Listened To Funk-Soul-Jazz Shows’ in 2017 on Mixcloud: #17 in Mixcloud’s ‘Best Of 2015 Eclectic’ worldwide category: Over 20 years in the DJ game. My live Dj sets are generally an eclectic blend of funk, soul, jazz, hip hop, reggae, Afrobeat and Latin, while my mixes tend to be more genre specific. The one thing you can say about my style is that whatever I play it has to have a real funky, jazzy and soulful sensibility. Dj Mr Lob

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