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Kostur WCS

Milko Djuranovic aka Kostur his whole life is surrounded by rappers and black sound. 2012 finally decides it's time to start rapping. He did songs with Rezon, To je Markesh, Shokz, LCC, Little Prince, BM Rope, Svaba and others. He recorded several videos and appeared in dozens of others (Ana The BABY, Shokz, Maraqya, LCC, Igla), also performed with famous performers such as Koyot, Skabo, LMR, Mihilow, Gazda Paja, Grasshoper, Don Dada, Rebi, Shokz and others .. 2013 finds new love - vinyls. Beginning to collect them, he starts playing music. He played in Leila records, KGB stab, Strogi Center, Gajba, Secer, Disciplina, Zappa barka, DrvoJavorovo, also played at MountainMusic festival, 2Hot4Stage festival and Funk Kongres. He did a intro for Mr. Leenknecht from Chunks of funk, Dj Amir, Alex Barck from Jazzanova . He is a member of the White City Soul kolektiv and you can expect a great hip-hop, rap and r'n'b sound, also soul, funk, boogie and disco. Enjoy

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