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dj Kid inr-G

Djing for me is a service that I desire to provide to people to hopefully take them on a journey away from their daily lives and give them a thrill through music. Likes are so not important! Rather, how does the music make you feel? My hope is that I mix music in a way that makes people want to dance, groove, cruise, cook, do art to, relax, bbq, camp out, converse, cypher, work out, train and work to the music that I provide through this dj page. Music (The right song) can heal you. It can put you back on the right track. It can calm you down or make you hype. It can inspire you to create, build, forgive, remember and unite. A family that cranks up the stereo and has a dance party in their living room or kitchen is the family that possibly has a lot of smiles and joy!! There is bad in life but the music takes us away from the bad for at least a short time. If you enjoy my mixes, right on and thank you for listening. Peace / God bless!!

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