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Dj Kenny Germany

Dj Kenny’s Profile In 90’s I have made my first steps as a DJ in the club so called „Big Apple“. Hip Hop, R&B, Miami Bass, Dancehall, Old school, Dirty South, Twerk, Music has deeply inspired and influenced me. I have found my passion for real records / vinyl and 1210 Technics Turntables. Started to discover different clubs and areas around Germany and got therefore more and more experience. During the whole period I have continuously increased my music selection in diverse styles and expanded furtheremore my range in Black Music, House, Dance Hall, Pop, Classics, 80’s, 90’s and much more. I am here in order to fulfill my duty as musician with a clear commitment to bring more joy and fun in your leisure time... My motto: music is love, music is life... peace Dj Kenny

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