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Dj Jacobs

Born in July 1980 moved to Trieste at the and of the 90 s.Here soon started plaing psy, full-on and progressive trance music at the partys into the nature and in the Clubs around the city, like Mandracchio, In punto and many others. In 2004 he began to play in the club Suburbia (Udine) and Club Haven near Lubiana. At this time he has played with Ticon, Humanblue and Atmos. In year 2005 he also played in Croatia at Fort Bourguignon and in the last years at Ambasada Gavioli, CDC, Mostovna, Zona bandita, Etnoblog, Tranceadventure, Mizzart, Channel Zero, Inner Frequencies, Kupadelic and more with other known artists like Lucas, Conwerter, Assioma, Mole, Dharma, EVP, Phase, Ianuaria and more. His style has changed through all this years, now he prefers fat jumping basslines with psykadelik and funky sounds. Today playing also Techno and Tech House

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