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Hail from Scotland and been DJing for longer than I care to remember, Spent many years doing the clubs lugging crates of Vinyl about. Have hung the Headphones up a few times and now DJ mainly for fun but still doing parties and mobile gigs as well as looking after the music for Murrayfield Ice Rink in Edinburgh (which I am also manager of ). Recently changed my gear from one of the big name manufacturers to the other so bear with me as I still have the occasional brainfart and forgive my mistakes. (For anyone interested the new gear is absolutely awesome and would recommend it to anyone thinking of making the jump.) Tend to play mainly house (tech, vocal, disco, and commercial), Dance and EDM with the odd bit of trance. Previous experience of chat tend to spend time answering questions about equipment for streaming so here is a list. Livestream Denon Prime SC5000 Denon X1800 Prime Mixer M-Audio BX5 Studio Monitors MacBook Pro Canon EOS 800D "Radio" Virtual DJ Automix with OBS

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