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Chicago is my home and i started playing around 1984 and much of my interest to be a dj started with a guy whom everyone knew and loved Mr. Frankie Knuckles. He was my inspiration to make people move there body. Also a guy named Andre Halmon whom i met along the way i have to give mad props too him, He helped mold me in such a disco way i can't begin to give him enough props A brilliant music mentor..... thank you Mr. Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy and Andre Halmon much love bros. I have played and promoted many of Chicago's underground parties like the legendary Concrete Jungle in Chicago and played on radio station WKKC 89.3 in the late 80"s aka Friday night jams..with Walter Getdown Brown. My love for the music keeps me leaning on the dj'ing side of things so keep your ears and feet feeling the beat because i plan to express my love for the games in some very soulful sets. Thanks for listening and keep on grooving.

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