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Years ago a 12 year old by the name of Keith Jackson met the wheels of steels for the first time. From that point, I had touched them and it was meant to be, notes Keith, who added ever since then Ive never stopped. Keith is now known as DJ Kool Keith, one of Connecticuts most well known and highly respected DJs. Kool Keith isnt simply using CT as a starting point, though. Born in the Bridgeport area, Kool Keith feels a deep connection with his home state, explaining "this is where I started. My belief is where I start, thats where I gotta have a powerhouse, thats where I gotta be in order to get to a level where I'll feel comfortable and successful. With Connecticut as his homebase Kool Keith has developed a reputation as the DJ everybody wants to work with. He's done shows up and down the east coast, from Connecticut to Florida. His first show, however, wasnt exactly in a traditional spot. My first event was a party in a hall at a church, he explained, continuing

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