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STYLES: bass music, house, and techno Knowledge’s passion for putting positivity into music, culture, and events is timeless. His experience and diversity bring energy to every room he plays, no matter what genre he plays. One week he'll be dropping a bass music set of trap, leftfield bass, and dubstep, and the next he'll be headlining an underground rave or club with techno, g house, and progressive. With an ear for evolving sounds and producers, he takes crowds on a journey with pounding energy that ebbs and flows with the vibe of the night. He is the founder of Columns of Knowledge, a brand which since 1994 has created countless events, helped thousands more, launched a record label, and continues to be a vehicle for culture. Now more than ever before, his personal journey about connecting people with awareness around mental health and well being and connection through music is coming into a new state of being. Get ready for some fire!

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