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DJ Jam

DJ JAM has been one of the most influential forces in West Coast hip hop; you have heard and experienced his work if you have encountered the West Coast hip hop movement figure-headed by Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. JAM was born in Maryland and raised in San Diego, CA, as well as Dallas, TX, giving him a well-rounded perspective on music and connecting him with hip hop's birthplace in the East and its development and progression in the West and the South, rooting him in its history and investing him in its future. DJ JAM is most well known for his role as tour DJ for Snoop and Dre while touring for “The Chronic”. JAM has also toured with many other West Coast legends, has produced for and remixed numerous nationally renowned artists and has made his mark on local and international airwaves. You can still catch him behind the turntables in the most prestigious clubs around the world, on renowned radio stations worldwide & DJing on Snoop’s “Cadillac Music" channel on The Dash Radio Network.

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