Since the year 1995, DJ Hardusarock has been performing and/or helping produce some of the biggest Music Festivals in the NW USA. Venues include; Qwest Field Exhibition Center, The Tacoma Dome, Naf Studios: known as the birthplace of Grundge and Rave Parties, PDX, The Music Experience, Safeco Field, Premier, Industrial Arts Factory, Club Fusion, Last Supper Club and many others. In 2003, he helped produce the first fully licensed and permitted LATE-NIGHT OUTDOOR music festival since 1999 in the Seattle Area, called "SPLASH". It Featured 3 stages of Electronic, Hip-Hop, and Rock music located under the West Seattle bridge. "SPLASH" was an extraodinary event to remember. In 2004, he helped produce the First EVER LATE-NIGHT event called Mascarade 3 at the Tacoma Dome. From 2005-2010 he was playing around the world. He has now settled in Los Angeles, CA and is bringing to SoCal his energetic funky hip house style, where he plans to produce exciting Music Festivals and Events

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