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Sandro Orrù in art DJ Gruff, Gruffetti or Lowdy N.C.N. is a pioneer of the Italian Hip Hop scene. Known for his original take on rapping and scratching tecniques, since 1982, DJ Gruff has been active on the Hip Hop scene in Italy as a turntablist, DJ, beatmaker, rapper and producer. DJ Gruff has been a member of a number of groups/collectives/crews such as The place to be (Next One, Carrie D, Igor, Nando-Boogie and Mr Hyde), Casino Royale (Alioscia Bisceglia, Giuliano Palma, Michele Pauli, Ferdinando Masi etc), Radical Stuff (DJ Skizo, Soul Boy, Sean, Top Cat and Kaos One), Isola Posse All Stars, and was among the founders of Sangue Misto (DJ Gruff, Neffa and Deda) recording with them the album SxM, universally acknowledged as a milestone of Italian Hip Hop. DJ Gruff’s musical production is vast, including collaborations with musicians, MCs, breakers, and artists from all over the world. He has been collaborating with Alien Army, the collective representing the greatest IT turntablists

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