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DJ Escape

In the world of dance music, there are followers, and there are leaders. There are imitators, and there are innovators. There are DJs, and there is DJ Escape. “I don’t just play records—I play with the crowd. I’m always teasing people with samples and cuts of classics, new tracks and FX,” Escape declares. “I’m all about keeping things fresh. I’m always doing mash-ups of old things and making them new, and I’m always on the lookout for the newest, hottest records. Even when I play the hits, I play them in a way I guarantee you haven’t heard them before.” Wherever he is, if you’re on Escape’s dance floor, you’ll know it. There are dance floors, and then there is DJ Escape’s dance floor—and as anyone who’s spent a night moving to his high-energy sound can tell you, it’s not a place you’ll ever want to leave.

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