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DJ AVY Gonzalez

Legendary DJ/Producer Avy Gonzalez was the resident DJ at The Legendary Banana Boat of Kendall. In 1986, Avy and the Banana Boat were nominated by the Winter Music conference for best DJ and Best Club in South Florida. Avy also road managed singing groups, Expose’ and Sequel. He fell in love with studio production and was offered to mix Erotic Exotic’s first record and #1 hit, Take Me As I Am. Avy went on to produce, write and mix 7 Top 20 Billboard charting records on his label Pizazz Records, East West Records, Miami Records and Atlantic Records. Artist include Erotic Exotic, Genuine Parts, Sandee’, Nancy Martinez, The Beat Club, Merci Mercy, Natasha, Elaine Charles, and Jacinta. In 2008, he received a Lifetime Achievement award for his contributions to the Miami Sound and an inductee to the Legends of Vinyl DJ/Artist Hall of Fame. Avy is available for private parties and Night Club opportunities. 561-699-3179

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