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Broken Bliss

:: Weeky Radio Show Official Archive :: Airing: every Thursday 12:00-13:00pm (CET) on - RCKO.FM Hosted by Booking: dsh(at) In 2011 Broken Bliss was a weekly radio show at a hungarian underground radio Tilos. DSH as a show host prefered deep sounds and broken rhythms like breakbeat, drumandbass and electronica but also invited guest Djs to spice up the weekly routin, but after one year of broadcasting she left the radio. In 2013 she continued the show with her friends (Feryne, thebakerman, Retroid and Sackraff) as a podcast, but after a few episodes without a strict timetable and deadline the laziness had eaten up the podcasts and Broken Bliss went to a standstill. As 2014's spring arrived the hungarian RCKO.FM radio asked DSH to host a weeky one-hour show, so Broken Bliss is on air again on every Thursday afternoon from 12:00 PM to 13:00 PM!

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