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My name is Joel Harris, and I live in Las Vegas. I am not a professional DJ yet, just a fledgling hobbyist. I’ve been doing this in my spare bedroom for several years now but have rarely taken it out of the house. It’s finally time to do it now, although during this quarantine, we won’t really be out of the house, will we? :-) Anyway, my “day job“ is a professional photography (of various sorts…) and my business has been hit particularly hard by this COVID-19 epidemic. The whole photography industry is struggling. Bookings are way down and most previously booked sessions have been cancelled. So I thought, maybe this is my time. Why not? Maybe this is the time to really make that hobby into a side hustle. So here I am. Hopefully you’ll like what I spin and what I bring to your quarantine experience. And hopefully you continue to follow me after it’s all over.

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